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*** Promise Update ***
Thursday, January 15, 1998


Can you believe that I’ve received some complaints and queries concerning why a few days have passed without an Update!

Here we are, Barbara, Chip Faulkner, Loretta Hayden, a couple volunteers in the office, and me—going around-the-clock, 18-hours a day, seven days a week, doing all the things necessary to defend our petition . . . along with all the things the chairman of the Ballot Law Commission, Judge Hennessey, keeps piling on us.

Two or three of us *must* remain at the hearing from 9:00 AM until at least 7:00 PM on orders of the judge, who’s keeping us and the two dozen teachers’ union workers and four attorneys "after school" to expedite the ordeal.

As shorthanded as we find ourselves, as outgunned and overwhelmed as we are . . . still some wonder why I’m not keeping up with daily Updates too!!! Arrrrrgh.

*WE * NEED * SOME * HELP * FROM * OUT * THERE * FOLKS.* Or at least some understanding.

I hope you’re not planning to leave it all up to "Someone Else" again . . . ‘cause "Someone Else" is getting awfully, awfully tired. And sick of carrying the load for so many.

So much for my tirade—but the demands and expectations from some are . . . well, incredible, to be kind.

If you can help in the Boston office -- *please* call Chip Faulkner or Loretta Hayden at (617) 248-0022.

Chip Ford—

To: Governor Paul Cellucci
From: Barbara Anderson
Date: January 15, 1998

Dear Governor Cellucci;

Thank you for inviting me to your State of the State address this evening. I have missed very few of these over the years and was looking forward to yours.

I was especially anticipating your remarks in favor of the income tax rate rollback. Unfortunately, our share of this project presently requires eighteen hours of each day, since as you know the Massachusetts Teachers Union and TEAM are attacking our petition signatures before the state Ballot Law Commission.

You will be happy to learn that we and the city/town clerks are holding our own against the MTA, but they have four lawyers and we have only one, assisted by me. The commission has ordered us to do a number of things to help consolidate the acres of material which the MTA is throwing at us, and we are trying our hardest with our small staff and volunteers to comply.

The fewer signatures our opponents are able to throw out, the fewer we have to pick up in Superior Court. You should know that we fully expect to counter the MTA assault and proceed to the November ballot. Once we have survived this signature challenge, the Legislature may be more willing to pass your income tax cut—and as you know, we prefer yours because the phase-down begins a year earlier than ours.

So since I am working on this joint project of your office and our ballot committee, "A Promise to Keep: 5%", I know you would support my staying at my computer and defending the signatures of your many constituents who signed our petition. I look forward to listening to your State of the State message while I work. Thank you again for inviting me.


/s/ Barbara Anderson

cc: Members of the State House media

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