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CLT Commentary
by Chip Ford

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"Whichever way you slice it, the same people who complain they can’t get a fair shake from a cynical public have just done a marvelous job in making that public even more cynical."

Kevin Cullen, The Boston Globe, Jan. 29, 2017
On the Legislature's obscene $18M pay grab heist

CLT Updates 2020

Jul 5, 2020 The Week of Independence Day
Jun 28, 2020 Latest Scheme to Kill Proposition 2˝
Jun 21, 2020 Another Beacon Hill Helter-Skelter Week
Jun 14, 2020 Birth of the Tax Hike Economists' "Vault"
Jun 7, 2020 Chaos, Confusion, Autocracy and Hypocrisy Reign
Jun 3, 2020 Scandalous deceptions exposed
May 30, 2020 Proposed income tax hike draws scrutiny
May 28, 2020 The Assault on CLT's Tax Rollback
May 27, 2020 Cruel tax hike proposal deceives taxpayers, again   
May 24, 2020 "Phased and Confused"
May 16, 2020 "Forewarned is forearmed"
May 1, 2020 Crisis of Democracy Infects the House
Apr 28, 2020 Mass. House to pass new rules for legislating
Apr 19, 2020 SJC did the right thing, at last
Apr 16, 2020 Wuhan Pandemic's Running $$ Cost to Bay Staters
Apr 12, 2020 "Never let a crisis go to waste"
Apr 7, 2020 The Endless Game of Whack-a-Tax, by Jon Keller
Apr 5, 2020 Wuhan Pandemic Day 23:  What else is happening?
Mar 29, 2020 Wuhan Virus Political Fallout
Mar 22, 2020 This difficult time too shall pass
Mar 15, 2020 The spreading Beacon Hill Tax-and-Spend epidemic
Mar 9, 2020 Proven: More Is Never Enough
Mar 5, 2020 House Transportation Tax Grab Passes, As Expected
Mar 3, 2020 CLT's Revenue Committee testimony:
S.2563; “An Act Authorizing a local affordable housing surcharge” 
Mar 1, 2020 A taxing week ahead on Beacon Hill
Feb 27, 2020 Long-Threatened House Transportation Tax Package Released
Feb 24, 2020 Federal corruption indictment of state rep sucks up all oxygen
Feb 16, 2020 Virginia latest to backtrack on TCI commitment
Feb 9, 2020 State Tax Revenue Continues Breaking Records
Feb 2, 2020 "Radical" 'Net-Zero' steamrolled through Senate
Jan 29, 2020 Call your State Rep & Senator or start packing
Jan 25, 2020 Persevere or Surrender
Jan 17, 2020 TCI opposition is growing
Jan 12, 2020 TCI hits "further erosion," "a major setback," and "appears to be on fumes"
Jan 5, 2020 Little new in a new year for a new decade
Dec 21, 2019 "The Boston Gas Party" in 2020?
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