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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Deadline Just Two Weeks Away

DEADLINE:  Wednesday, November 22 at 5:00 PM

Chip Ford's CLT Commentary

Wednesday, November 22 by 5:00 PM

That's the deadline for getting any and all petition signatures you have collected to roll back the Sales Tax to 5% to the appropriate city or town clerk.

That's two weeks just 14 days from now.

After that they're no good useless.  The clerks won't accept them.

The time to get those signatures, and the petitions to the city and town clerks, is quickly closing.  We have only TWO WEEKS REMAINING.

We have received little response so far, have no idea where we stand, how many signatures CLT members have collected.

If you want to see the Sales Tax returned to 5% we need to get the rollback question on the November 2018 ballot.  To accomplish this, we need some 100,000 signatures.

Five weeks ago on September 30 we made available a copy of the petition and CLT's  "Petitioning Instructions."  If you haven't yet, you can download and print them out if you want to help roll back the sales tax to 5%.  We included these critical directions:

Now this is extremely important:  The downloaded petition MUST BE PRINTED ON ONE SINGLE SHEET OF 8½” x 11” PAPER FRONT AND BACK OF ONE PAGE.

CLT's "Petitioning Instructions" explain in detail all the other strict state requirements that must be observed, as well as provide some useful petitioning tips.

Please read those instructions carefully — so you won't waste your time, won't have your signatures invalidated.

When you've collected as many signatures as you can (or have just signed one yourself) you'll need to turn the petition(s) in to the appropriate city registrar of voters or town clerk for certification.  They will give you a receipt for your petition.  DO NOT RETURN TO PICK UP YOUR PETITION.  Immediately mail your receipt(s) to us and we'll have your petition(s) picked up with all other sales tax petitions in the registrar's or clerk's possession.

Citizens for Limited Taxation
P.O. Box 1147
Marblehead, MA  01945-5147

If you have any questions, call Chip Faulkner at:  508-915-3665

You can find and download both here:

As many of you who've done this before know, a statewide petition drive is an enormous, time-intensive undertaking over a limited time period, and it requires the participation of many to pull it off successfully.  Over 64,000 certified signatures of registered Massachusetts voters is required to qualify — which means that organizers must collect closer to 100,000 raw signatures to insure reaching the certified minimum.

Every signature you can provide is going to make a difference.

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance you can provide in this tax-cut endeavor.  If this succeeds, the money you save will be your own!

If you haven't yet collected any signatures or signed the petition, our time is quickly running out.

In 1997-98 CLT failed getting the income tax rollback on the ballot by just 26 signatures short, after the teachers union challenged every certified signature we collected for months, then got the superior court to disqualify CLT's entire year-long effort and deny our petition ballot status.

Twenty-six signatures short killed all the months of our ceaseless work collecting over 70,000 signatures.

Just 26 certified signatures short.

One or two people making even just a little effort would have made the difference, collected those 26 signatures.  The entire herculean effort would not have been wasted.

CLT had to do it all over again in 1999.  The second time around we got more than enough certified petitions over 122,000 certified signatures, more than twice the requirement and our income tax rollback went to the 2000 ballot where voters passed it overwhelmingly.  The income tax was rolled back from 5.85 percent down to its current 5.1 percent.  How much has that saved you over the past seventeen years?

The drop-dead deadline to turn in signatures to city and town clerks is:

Wednesday, November 22 by 5:00 PM

Please download and print as many petitions as you need, then get as many signatures as you can in the next two weeks.

Please read the instructions the rules so your signatures are not disqualified, so you don't waste your time.

You must use one separate petition page for each different city or town.

Leave your petitions with the appropriate city/town clerk by November 22.

Mail the receipt the clerk will give you in exchange for your petition(s) to CLT.

DO NOT RETURN TO PICK UP YOUR PETITION(S).  We will have yours and all other Sales Tax Rollback petitions picked up at the clerk's office in one visit.

Thanks much for your help with getting this done and on the ballot.  If it gets on the ballot, do you know anyone who'll vote to keep the sales tax at 6.25% when they can vote to bring it back down to 5%?

Thanks for whatever you can do to help with this arduous effort.  As you now realize every signature can make the difference between success and another defeat!

Chip Ford
Executive Director

Citizens for Limited Taxation    PO Box 1147    Marblehead, MA 01945    508-915-3665