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Monday, September 15, 2008

Memo on This Evening's Police Details Hearing

To:  Bernard Cohen, Secretary of Transportation
From:  Citizens for Limited Taxation
September 15, 2008

Re:  Paid Police Details

We commend Governor Patrick for taking the first step to replace police details with civilian flagmen like those which are used in the rest of the country.

CLT has supported replacing police details with civilian flagmen for many years, to no avail. We have attended hearings on the issue in the past but cannot get to Boston tonight; still we want to be on record as supporting Governor Patrick on this. We would also recommend an amendment to the prevailing wage law that would allow students and senior citizens to take the jobs, as they do in other states.

If he does this, we applaud him. But if police union intransigence kills this small attempt at reasonableness, and makes it clear that larger attempts will never succeed, we can continue to use paid police details as a poster child for passage of Question One this November, a reason to resist any new taxes, and an example of why government in Massachusetts doesn’t work.

Perhaps if voters are finally fed up in November, you can use repeal of the income tax to achieve not only replacement of all police details with civilian flagmen, but some of your other union-control initiatives as well.

Chip Faulkner, associate director
Contact:  508-384-0100

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