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CLT's 2004 Annual Awards Brunch
November 14, 2004

Citizens for Limited Taxation held it annual awards meeting on Sunday, November 14, 2004, this year a midday brunch instead of its former evening dinner. It was well-attended by some 100 CLT members.

Along with the usual awards ceremony, CLT also convened a panel to discuss the future of taxpayer activism in the besieged Commonwealth and the direction the organization will take in the year ahead. Moderated by CLT director of operations Chip Ford, the panel included political commentator Avi Nelson (the 2001 recipient of the Warren T. Brookes Award), director of the Beacon Hill Institute David Tuerck, and this year's recipient of the Citizen for Limited Taxation Award, Ted Tripp, president of the North Andover Taxpayers Association.


Warren T. Brookes Award
Eric A. Kriss
Secretary for Administration & Finance

Warren T. Brookes (1929-1991) was the Boston Herald economics columnist who created the concept of Proposition 2˝ in 1978 and wrote many columns in support of the initiative law. In his book, “The Economy in Mind,” Warren wrote that “without the civilizing force of universal moral standards, particularly honesty, trust, self-respect, integrity, and loyalty, the marketplace quickly disintegrates. As Alexis de Toqueville suggested, the greatness of our economy can continue only as a reflection of the goodness of our people.”

The Warren T. Brookes award is given each year to a person whose service to the taxpayers of the Commonwealth reflects these qualities and encourages this goodness.

In a news release ("CLT awards 'Tell the truth and shame the devil" award,'" Oct. 22, 2003) we cheered Secretary Kriss' recognition of the diminishing ratio between "givers" and "takers," an obvious observation that brought down upon him the wrath of the Gimme Lobby. This didn't intimidate the Secretary, for only two months later he again spoke of the politically-incorrect obvious, taking on the powerful public employees' unions:  "Like any industrial monopoly, a labor monopoly creates a political imbalance. Massachusetts unions tilt civic life and the penalty is heavy, like a hidden tax."

With such refreshing candor and daring, who better to receive this year's Warren T. Brookes award?

His address and Powerpoint presentation to the audience again was a refreshing perspective on a new topic sure to eventually get him in trouble with the PC crowd. The further 45-minutes of Q&A allowed for great participation and further insights.

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Citizen for Limited Taxation
Ted Tripp
President, North Andover Taxpayers Association

 Awarded to a CLT activist who has performed above and beyond the call of duty.

Ted Tripp, last year's recipient of CLT's David P. Wilson Award, this year earned the Citizen for Limited Taxation. Ted has been singularly instrumental in working with taxpayers in other cities and towns across the state in launching local taxpayer groups and running effective campaigns to defeat Proposition 2˝ override attempts. Through his encouragement and efforts, local taxpayer groups are springing up all over the Commonwealth, e.g., the Winthrop group, below.

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David P. Wilson Award for Uniting Taxpayers
Alex Mavrakos
Chairman, Citizens for Fair and Balanced Government

Awarded to a taxpayer-activist for effectively organizing and uniting neighbors to promote and defend fiscally-sound municipal policies.

One of the most effective local taxpayer groups was launched in Winthrop less than two years ago. Already it has defeat two Proposition 2˝ overrides and a $4M debt exclusion vote. Its activists also have defeated a two-term tax-and-spend selectman and a proposed Pay-As-You-Throw trash fee.

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Lifetime Achievement Award
Pauline A. Zywaski
Founding Board Member and Treasurer

This award was uniquely created and presented this year to recognize Pauline Zywaski's thirty years of volunteer service in many areas of taxpayer activism that helped create and sustain our organization. Pauline was an original member of CLT's board of directors and its founding treasurer and served in those roles for decades. She remains an active member of Citizens for Limited Taxation.

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