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September 16, 2004

CLT Presents "The Super Sixty-Seven"

Contact:  Francis "Chip" Faulkner
                 Director, CLT’s 2½ PAC

Citizens for Limited Taxation is not doing a petition drive this year. We are still working on the last initiative petition, our income tax rollback which passed 59-41 in 2000 – but was "frozen" in 2002 by the Legislature despite a previous governor’s veto.

We won’t ask CLT activists to futilely collect signatures and support another ballot campaign until we can sustain a veto when the legislative leadership ignores a voter mandate and moves to repeal or "freeze" a citizens-created law.

So all of our effort this fall is going into support for Governor Romney’s reform agenda, and into ousting disrespectful and arrogant legislators.

CLT’s 2½ PAC – created in 1981 to defend Proposition 2½ – has endorsed 67 candidates (and more may be added): eight incumbents faced with opponents and fifty-nine challengers. The incumbents scored high on the CLT Legislative Rating. The challengers have all taken the "No New Taxes" Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which was initiated by Americans for Tax Reform and in Massachusetts is distributed to candidates by CLT. These candidates respect the voters who mandated the income tax rollback.

Unlike Governor Romney, however, we will not be "happy if just one of them wins." If we may borrow an Olympics expression, we are going for the gold. Our reach must exceed our grasp, or what’s a heaven for? We Think Positive. We Think: Defeat Incumbents Who Disrespect Voters.

Of our PAC’s eight endorsed primary candidates, six won: John Andrulis, John Haaland, Rod Jane, Ned Kirby, David McCarter, and Dean Vogel. We will be "happy" if 3/4 of our general election candidates win too. That’s our goal: Excelsior!

Our PAC’s endorsed candidates are listed on the CLT website.

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