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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Support for Brown Grows
"Citizens for Justice, Fairness, and the Children" and others
announce Sen. Scott Brown will protect taxpayers best

The following news release was sent to the media statewide.

For Immediate Release
February 24, 2004
Contact:  Barbara Anderson - 508-384-0100

I know it says Citizens for Limited Taxation on the letterhead, but until March 2, 2004, we would like you to call us "Citizens for Justice, Fairness, and the Children." Especially when we say we really like Rep. Scott Brown.

The reason we don’t want the word "Tax" in our title for now is that we wouldn’t want to be mistaken for the "Coalition for Taxpayer Protection," which is running radio attack ads against Rep. Brown and in support of his Democrat opponent for the open Senate seat vacated by Cheryl Jacques.

Former Sen. Jacques had a 7% taxpayers rating from CLT, and we are quite sure her chief of staff, who is running for the seat, will not be an improvement. In fact, heaven protect us taxpayers from Angus McQuilken and his coalition of public employee unions, which make up the so-called "Coalition for Taxpayer Protection."

Rep. Brown has a 100% rating with CLT, and also from our new title, Citizens for Justice, Fairness and the Children, as well as from Advocates For Sweet Children, Mothers, Elves (AFSCME); the Coalition Against Ridiculous Public Sector Pensions; the Real Defenders of the Working People; Citizens for Accountability, Responsibility, the Environment (CARE); and The Good Guys.

We thought you should know that Scott Brown kept his "no new taxes" pledge and voted to support the income tax rollback passed by the voters in 2000.

To the best of our knowledge, the so-called "Coalition for Taxpayer Protection" is composed of the same people who want to raise the income tax rate to 5.95 percent. What is it they are protecting taxpayers from, exactly?

This news release is sponsored by Citizens Against the Coalition for Taxpayer Protection.

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