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Monday, January 5, 2004

CLT Poll:  99.6% Opposed to New State Taxes

For Immediate Release
January 5 of the 16th year of the "temporary" income tax hike
Contact: Barbara Anderson - 508-384-0100

Inspired by University of Massachusetts polls that always seem to find voters ambivalent about or even supportive of new state taxes, CLT did its own nonpartisan poll (of CLT members), and found a clear majority opinion: 99.6% of respondents do not support higher state taxes.

Since we’ve always wondered just how the questions were asked to get such pro-tax responses, we will give you our question up front:

"Given that the state budget can barely increase this year over last, do you think that the Legislature should raise taxes?"

The latest UMass survey polled 401 Massachusetts voters and found that 54 percent opposed any new state or property taxes; it had a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percent. CLT had 838 respondents to our poll, which had a margin of error of plus or minus of zero percent. The results seem clear to us.

CLT’s New Year’s Resolution

To keep reminding the media that whenever it’s inclined to refer to a FY2005 "budget deficit" or "budget hole" or "shortfall" of $1.5 billion, $2 billion or whatever, it should make it clear to readers/listeners that this is NOT a cut in the present budget, but instead is an amount by which spending advocates want to INCREASE the budget, and can’t.

The FY2005 budget will of course increase, just as the FY2004 budget increased; the "deficit" just means someone wants to spend even more but needs a tax hike or more "fee" increases to do so.

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